Location & visiting


UNIST is located at Banyeon-ri in the western suburb of Ulsan. The city of Ulsan is situated at 360km south of Seoul and 40km west of Pusan. The city can be easily reached by airplane, road and rail from Seoul, Busan, and other major cities throughout the country.

Address : 50 UNIST-gil, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Republic of Korea, 689-798

  • By car

    1. From Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu
    Gyeongbu Expressway toward Busan -> Eonyang IC -> Highway No. 24 toward Ulsan -> UNIST
    2. From Busan
    Gyeongbu Expressway toward Seoul -> Eonyang IC -> Highway No. 24 toward Ulsan -> UNIST
  • By train

    • 1. Take a KTX train toward Busan and get off at the Ulsan (Tongdosa) station. -> Take a bus or a Taxi
    • 2. It is also possible to use a Saemaeul or Mugunghwa train from Seoul or Daejon to Ulsan, although this may take a longer time (5 hours and 30 minutes).
  • By airplane (Airlines: Korean / Asiana)

    After arriving at the Ulsan airport, you can take either a taxi or a bus to get to UNIST.

  • Local Taxi Service

    The taxi fare from the Ulsan airport to UNIST is around 15,000 won depending on the traffic situations. The deluxe taxi (“Mobeom Taxi”), which offers a better service, costs approximately 30,000 won. The taxi fare from the Ulsan KTX station is around 9,000 won.

  • Local Bus Service

    • 1. From the Ulsan airport: Take no. 402. 412, 432, or 452 and get off at the Shinbok roundabout. ->Take no. 733 toward UNIST.
    • 2. From the Ulsan KTX station: Take no. 337 at the Ulsan KTX station and get off at the UNIST

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