Admissions & Financial aid

Admissions Eligibility for undergraduate study

  • Foreign applicants who have completed elementary, middle, and high school or have equivalent certificate(s) to it, and whose parents are not Korean citizens
  • Foreign applicants with foreign citizenship who have completed elementary, middle, and high school outside of Korea or have equivalent certificate(s) to it
  • Korean applicants who have completed elementary, middle, and high school outside of Korea and have not enrolled any school(s) in Korea
구분 모집시기 전형유형 전형명 이공 경영 합계
정원 내 수시 학생부(종합) 탐구역량우수자 230 230
학생부(종합) 학업역량우수자 275 35 310
학생부(종합) 창업인재 15 15
학생부(종합) 지역인재 40 5 45
정시 수능 위주 ‘가’군 30 30 60
합계     590 70 660
정원 외 수시 학생부(종합) 기회균등(정원외) 30 5 5

Scholarships for undergraduate

UNIST Scholarship
A. In the first semester, all the admitted students get full tuition scholarship.
B. One-time financial aid: KRW 500,000 upon arrival
C. Full tuition waived if GPA is 2.0 or above with more than 12 credits per semester during the freshman year
D. Full tuition waived for GPA 3.3 or above, half tuition waived for GPA 2.7 or above with more than 12 credits per semester from sophomore year.
E. Conditions for UNIST Scholarship can be changed.
Global Dream Scholarship
A. KRW 300,000/month during freshman year
B. KRW 300,000/month for GPA 2.4 or above with more than 12 credits per semester from sophomore year
Global Uni-Star Scholarship
A. Students awarded at an International Olympiad or relevant outstanding academic achievement are eligible.
B. KRW 800,000/month for Gold, KRW 500,000/month for Silver
Study Abroad Program
A. Student Exchange Program
B. Summer Session
C. UROP(Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program)
D. Culture Exchange Program
E. Lab Tour
F. Global Voluntary Program
G. For more information, visit
External Scholarship
A. Korean applicants can apply for scholarship at Overseas Koreans Foundation or Korean War Memorial Foundation.
B. For more information, visit OKF: and KWMF:

Admission timeline for graduate school

  • Application schedule (The correction schedule is to be announced)
      Time line
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    1st screening 2nd screening 1st screening 2nd screening
    Application period Mar~May May~July Aug~Sep Oct~Dec
    matriculation September March
    qualification for application
    • – Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree / Master’s degree
    • – Applicants who will be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree / Master’s degree by February at next year
    • – Applicants who have an educational background equivalent to the above.
  • Required Scores in English Tests – Official English Test Score
    (Lv 2)
    (Lv 3)
    800 80 213 550 5.5 640 67 89 270

    ※ The test date on the certificate should be within 2 years of the deadline for the online application.

    ※ Applicants should submit one of them.

    • Native English speakers are exempt from submitting a score.
      (U.S, Canada, U.K, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand)
      ※ When English is used as an official language in an applicant’s country, in addition to other languages, applicants (Check the list of countries in webpage) do not need to submit a score when they apply for admission. But must submit a certificate stating that they have completed all of their university courses in English.
    • Otherwise, an official English test score that exceeds the graduate standard must be submitted

Scholarship in graduate school

UNIST Nine Bridges
& Star Fellowship
who may apply:
Excellent applicants in either the combined Master’s-Doctoral Program or the Doctoral Program
KRW 30,000,000 / year (Term: 3 Years)
RA/TA Stipend(Mater course) RA (Research Assistant)
TA (Teaching Assistant
above KRW 1,140,000 / month
above KRW 1,040,000 / month
RA/TA Stipend(Ph.D) Engineering
above KRW 1,340,000 / month
above KRW 1,240,000 / month

※ Students who have earned an undergraduate degree from a university abroad will receive a special exemption from tuition fee for the first semester of their admission year. (Approximately the upper 30% of admitted students from abroad recommended by their department and advisor)

※ The admission fee(KRW 300,000) is not exempted

Further details of admissions Procedure, including admission timeline and required documents can be found in

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